disk space

I really enjoy this tool for finding what might be taking up a lot of disk space on my PC/Servers. It’s Windirstat. I just think it’s better than TreeSize

I like Windirstat more because of the visualization that they make of the data on the drives. Other than that there might not be too much difference. Check them out. 

I did this today…

A friend of mine needed to get out of Jury Duty. My boss helped me get out of it before so I wanted to share it with my co-worker. Not only would it suck if he was not at work because the work load would be heavier, but I would have no one at work to talk about “Lord of the Rings” with. 
Here’s how you could also get out of Jury Duty if it’s a legitimate reason like my friend. Resource here
Also, I had a problem with my phone. It’s a great phone even though it is on Sprint. I have a Galaxy Note 2 and have not one complaint, even though it is on Sprint. (Yes, I said that twice.) My phone was running hot, and the battery was draining. Something I had not experienced prior. Being the intelligent IT guy that I am, I thought of the last changes I made in terms of recently installed apps. After removing them and rebooting, my phone was still hot and bothered.
When I went to the Battery settings, it clearly showed me that what had been using the most battery power on my phone was in fact the Exchange Active Sync App. (This had been going on for two days).
The problem did not resolve when I changed the sync settings from “push” to every 15 minutes, etc. The phone only got hotter. The last step was that I removed the account completely from my phone and rebooted. VOILA! My phone stopped over heating.